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[PODCAST] Optimizing Press Release Headlines for Search from Business Wire

Business Wire’s Serena Ehrlich dropped by the Arketi Group to join in on an episode of their podcast series, one they self-describe as This American Life for the B2B marketing set.

Serena, Business Wire’s director of social and evolving media, gave some strong tips on how to craft better headlines and increase the impact (visibility, accessibility and engagement) of a press release.

The headline is often the audience’s first contact with an organization’s content, and could very easily be the last if the reader isn’t engaged enough to keep reading. A good headline offers enough information to let the reader know the basis of the underlying story and the impact of that story on their life. A headline shouldn’t be a mystery, it should lead the reader down a path they want to go down, a path resulting in key findings, data and facts. A successful headline is also a searchable headline, containing trending keywords that reporters and news consumers use when seeking out a story.  

The podcast covers key aspects to crafting a strong headline, as well as several other tips from Business Wire including:

  • Why headlines are important
  • When to write the headline
  • Subheadline do’s and don’ts 
  • Using Google Trends
  • Importance of using click-to-tweet and hyperlinks

Ask yourself, do your news release headlines hurt or help drive media coverage? If your headline isn't optimized for search, then your release may be buried among a sea of forgotten news releases. 

Listen to the full podcast now: Episode 9