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[Webinar] 10 Tips for Sharing News and Social Content in an Online Newsroom

Ibrey Woodall, Business Wire’s VP of web communications services, recently held a webinar disclosing her top 10 Tips for Sharing News and Social Content in an Online Newsroom. An online newsroom serves as an owned-media resource, giving reporters and journalists access to information they need in order to tell a company’s story. Maximizing the impact of an online newsroom should be a must for any brand looking for accurate coverage.

This webinar follows the successful release of a Business Wire guide by the same name, outlining ten key opportunities that will help expand an online newsroom’s presence on digital platforms and social media. The guide also offers points on how to better reach interested parties such as reporters and journalists by using features already available within the newsroom.   

Some key points include:

  • Post icons/links to social networks
  • Incorporating feeds from social networks
  • Supplying RSS feeds
  • Offering automatic email alerts

During the webinar, Woodall offered a detailed explanation of the content found within her guide, using visual examples from actual online newsrooms making it clear how to maximize their impact. Emphasis is placed on knowing what to share and how to present the content. It’s important to simplify the process required for locating specific news. This is achieved by categorizing news releases by subject matter. Woodall specifically mentions having content in HTML text format as the primary source, and offering complementary PDF versions so people have the option of printing without the risk of tables or other formatting breaking in the process.

Other tips include:

  • Keeping fact sheets updated
  • Having press kits available for each product
  • Including executive bios
  • Providing company history and a timeline of company milestones
  • Including an events calendar with associated links

”The online newsroom is a company’s centralized communications center,” stated Ibrey Woodall in advance of the webinar.  “That makes it a fundamental tool for any plan or strategy that includes preparing, integrating and sharing content.”

View Ten Tips for Sharing News and Social Content in an Online Newsroom or download the guide now