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Is Your News “Public Policy” News?

Right now is a time of transition and a lot of the news developing around the world, and consumed by vast audiences, is “issues-focused” news. These stories are about more than just elections and laws, they’re about the policies that affect the public on a daily basis.

Who makes public policy announcements?

In addition to government bodies and agencies, Business Wire’s public policy wire is used by associations, advocacy groups, non-profits, unions, embassies and even corporations. Any organization issuing news that potentially affects the public, from news announcing a development project in a community to the launch of charitable program, is issuing public policy news that deserves the correct amplification. If an organization or company is impacted by public policy, any newsworthy ramifications are public policy news as well because they are related as a result of chain of circumstances.     

Business Wire has reached out to thousands of newsrooms across the country and the consensus is a desire for news stories of national, state or local interest for their readers.

Who Does the Public Policy Circuit Reach?

Business Wire’s Public Policy circuit can send your news nationally, to a particular state, or just to the Washington press corps via the DC Capital Circuit. News issued over this unique circuit reaches particular news desks and reporters using the same routing systems as the Associated Press. Public Policy news releases are part of the larger news feeds to the White House, Congress and other government agencies, whose staff flag stories of interest by keyword. Not all issues-focused stories are national, in fact, many are local stories effecting specific communities. On a state level, news releases are sent to governors’ offices and legislative leadership.         

The Public Policy circuit also allows the issuer to send a position paper or invitation only to members of Congress or to particular committees.

Is Your News “Public Policy” News?

If the news you’re issuing can potentially impact a community, local, regional or national, you’re issuing public policy news. If your news is the result of public policy influence on your organization, company or brand, the announcement you are issuing is also an issues-based release. These stories are unique to all other news and deserve distribution to outlets that are most interested in your announcement.

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