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BizWireTV Offers Clients New Opportunity with Sponsored Headlines Segment




BizWireTV is adding a new segment to its video news show giving clients another great tool to amplify their news. The Sponsored Headlines segment offers clients the opportunity to receive on-air integration of their most recent news release headline on BizWireTV, a digital news show that typically receives 50-100K views per week. Host Erin Ade will read the headline as the release itself is shown on screen, bringing added attention to your announcement and making it a prime part of BizWireTV. The Sponsored Headline segment will help clients reach a digitally savvy, socially active audience of influencers with their news through a growing digital video news channel.

BizWireTV Sponsored Headlines include:

  • An on-air read of a client’s headline within the show by host, Jordyn Rolling 
  • Listing on-screen via a text crawl and release screen grab
  • Inclusion in the episode’s National news release
  • Promotion across Business Wire social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram)

The product offering is available now and clients can select the new feature when placing a news release order on Business Wire Connect.

This new amplification tool comes on the heels of BizWireTV’s launch of dedicated video news apps for the iPhone, Android and Apple TV. With access to a wide array of mobile devices and the over-the-top streaming Apple TV, client’s news is now accessible everywhere, all the time and can be accessed based on news consumers preferences.   

To learn more contact your local Business Wire representative

The New Season of BizWireTV is Coming Featuring a New Host and Innovative Tech

By Scott Fedonchik, SVP Marketing, Business Wire

Get ready for the new season of BizWireTV, featuring a fresh new look and a new host, Jordyn Rolling. The video news program, featuring stories on disruptive startups and technologies, premiers on Thursday, February 2nd and can be seen on BizWireTV.com as well as Apple TV, Roku, iPhone and Android devices via a downloadable app.

Rolling is no stranger to news media, joining BizWireTV with a journalistic background including digital reporting and producing for People, MONEY, and Fortune. Her ability to cover a wide scope of newsworthy subject matter makes her a perfect match for BizWireTV as the news featured on the show is sourced by announcements crossing Business Wire’s distribution network. These stories disrupt across all industries from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, Hollywood to Washington D.C., and beyond.   


Production Changes

The show’s graphics, set and soundtrack have been redesigned to be quicker, slicker and include even more trending news content. The look and feel of the show are being refreshed specifically for today’s mobile and social channels.

BizWireTV will also be adding “interactive video” technology that will provide viewers with innovative video engagement features for navigating within the show, hot spots, and hyperlinks directly in the video player.


Integrated Sponsorships

BizWireTV recently launched the “Sponsored Headlines” feature, allowing clients to integrate their latest news release directly into the show. The segment appears during a prime slot within each episode and offers added amplification for Business Wire client’s news. The idea for the segment stemmed from the wide reach garnered by BizWireTV, as the show has received 7 million views in its first year and covered over 1,000 client stories. 


BizWireTV shines a light on innovative technology and disruptive brands and the new season will reflect the evolving media landscape. The core component of the show will continue to be the news-related data analysis powered by Business Wire’s NewsTrak reports, which offer detailed release metrics and audience engagement information, and NUVI social media tracking. NUVI’s real-time analytics platform will provide insights into influencer conversations across numerous sources including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Delicious, Reddit and more than 20 million RSS feeds. 

Watch full episodes of BizWireTV and check in on Thursday for the season premiere

BizWireTV Celebrates First Anniversary

It has officially been one year since BizWireTV first started reaching audiences with news spotlighting stories on disruptive startups and technologies, entrepreneurs and funding announcements, hot business trends and companies to watch.


The show, hosted by Erin Ade and executive produced by Amy Feller, was born when Business Wire CEO Cathy Baron Tamraz first crossed paths with television icon Al Roker during the 2015 SXSW interactive festival in Austin, Texas. Tamraz and Roker identified the possibilities of combining forces to create video content focused on disruptive companies and the startup community by utilizing social media and digital analytics to highlight trending topics. 

During the course of the last year BizWireTV has crossed many milestones including:

  • Over 100 episodes
  • Over 1000 clients’ stories amplified
  • Over 5M views
  • Launched on Apple TV, iPhone and Android devices

Now BizWireTV is seeing another big first with the launch of the Sponsored Headlines segment, a new opportunity for Business Wire clients to amplify their news. The Sponsored Headline segment will help clients reach a digitally savvy, socially active audience of influencers with their news through a growing digital video news channel.

BizWireTV Sponsored Headlines include:

  • An on-air read of a client’s headline within the show by host, Erin Ade
  • Listing on-screen via a text crawl and release screen grab
  • Inclusion in the episode’s National news release
  • Promotion across Business Wire social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram)

Learn more about BizWireTV Sponsored Headlines and other partnership opportunities

Business Wire and Al Roker Entertainment are proud of how far BizWireTV has come and are looking forward to how it will innovate the branded-news industry in the future. Thank you for tuning in and thank you to our wonderful clients who let us make their news. 

How BizWireTV’s New Microzine Innovates Content Marketing

Business Wire recently launched the BizWireTV Microzine in partnership with Zumobi. BizWireTV is a weekly news show spotlighting tech launches, innovative startups, and other trending stories crossing Business Wire’s patented distribution network, hosted by Erin Ade.

The BizWireTV Microzine, an innovative in-app content marketing campaign, creates an engaging experience that gives access to the show’s news programming. The microzine features the latest episode of BizWireTV with options to search and view the back catalogue of episodes in an easy to navigate platform, all without having to exit the in-use app. This app-within-an-app experience pushes how audiences can engage with their mobile devices into a new era of digital news consumption.

 In addition to accessing BizWireTV news content, viewers will be able to access and download the BizWireTV app specifically designed for the device being used. The BizWireTV app is available for iPhone and Android devices via the app store on iTunes and Google Play, respectively:



By downloading the BizWireTV app, users will have access to the news programming whenever they want.

The BizWireTV Microzine will appear on targeted mobile sites such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Business Insider, CBS Moneywatch, CNN Money, CNBC, Fast Company, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, and offers viewers access to news programming that fits along the content they are already actively accessing.

BizWireTV news programing is also available as an app on the Apple TV over-the-top device for a home-streaming experience.  


How to Watch BizWireTV on Your Apple TV, iPhone and Android Devices

BizWireTV, Business Wire's video-news show, launched a series of apps for the hottest mobile and over-the-top platforms including AppleTV, iPhone and all devices featuring the Android operating system. The new apps will bring the show directly to audiences on any screen they choose, amplifying Business Wire’s top trending news stories crossing the wire. 

Why now?

With BizWireTV’s growing success, over 4 million video views to date on Business Wire websites and over 1 million views on social channels, the show has amassed a large audience that continues to grow with every new episode. BizWireTV and BizWireTV Accelerator Report are also influencing conversation, with over 20,000 social media mentions reaching over 12 million followers. Expansion of the program with the new apps gives viewers more opportunities to watch the show. It also gives BizWireTV the chance to develop new viewers looking for stories on disruptive startups and technologies, entrepreneurs in the startup community, funding announcements, hot business trends and companies to watch.

Where to find the apps?

The BizWireTV Apps can be downloaded through the Apple TV and iPhone App Store and Google Play for Android devices.

iTunes app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/business-wire-pr-news/id1104136311?mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frankly.channel.BIZWIRE&hl=en

In collaboration with Frankly, Business Wire set out to develop an easy to use app that would be engaging and accessible on all the top platforms. The keyword behind the design was usability and the end result exceeded everyone’s expectations. Episodes are easy to scroll through and identify with concise descriptions and clear images. Watch as host Erin Ade brings you the latest trending releases whether you’re at home, on a train, on a plane, or just out and about looking to catch up on some news.   





















New episodes of BizWireTV premiere every Friday at 6am and catch new episodes of BizWireTV Accelerator Report on Sundays at 3pm. 

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