Smart News Release

Boost Viewing and Sharing of Your News

Photos and videos make your headlines more likely to be clicked -- as much as five times more likely. Get more viewers and shares for your news with the Smart News Release.

The experts at our Multimedia Desk will take your original files in nearly any format and prepare them for distribution and rendering on a wide range of platforms.


  • Provides presentation for your news release and associated multimedia
  • Multimedia files can be clicked on for full size viewing.
  • Your videos, photos, audio files, PDFs and other files are available for immediate download
  • Videos are HTML5 compliant, allowing for easy viewership on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • All files are available in multiple formats and resolutions.
  • All files can be easily shared with contacts on social networks
  • Multimedia gallery allows quick navigation among multimedia assets
  • Smart News Release photos appear downstream on Yahoo! Finance,, Dow Jones MarketWatch and other sites.

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