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SXSW PanelPicker allows users to propose which panels they’d like to see take place at the upcoming SXSW conference. Always at the technological forefront, and keeping a strong connection with the audience that helped transform what the conference/festival is today, SXSW continues to place the keys to the kingdom in the public’s hands. Business Wire is proud to announce that two of our very own thought leaders have organized creative, and unique, panels that all communicators can benefit from and now’s your chance to vote them in and make them a reality.  


Raschanda Hall’s Hacks, Flacks & Robots: Automation in Today's News

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About the panel: First, you were told to write for robots. Now, robots are doing the writing for you. What are these robots looking for in a news story? What do you need to know to protect your brand and job when robots and algorithms are shaping your company’s image? 
Leading reporters and experts on news automation and A/B testing discuss their impact on the future of the PR/journalist relationship. We’ll also tackle how both sides, are harnessing this technology to feed seemingly insatiable news appetites.

Raschanda Hall, Business Wire’s director of global media relations, has spent 16 years as a leading part of the media relations team. She sets the direction for the brand’s global media relations through the fast-paced, changing media landscape by utilizing her understanding of emerging technology and her pioneering social media presence. Additionally, she serves as the president of the Chicago chapter of Black Public Relations Society.


Serena Ehrlich’s The Messy Truth about News and PR in 2018

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About the panel: Communications today is messy. Today's reporters and PR pros have a wide range of tools at their fingertips that drive ROI, so why are so few actually using them? Which tools are worth using? In this session, we will look at the technologies - from A/B testing to interactive multimedia to chatbots to analytics - available to brand or media communicators today to create and amplify the type of news and content that deepens bonds between their audiences and their organization.

Serena Ehrlich, Business Wire’s director of social and evolving media, provides guidance for internal and external content creation and distribution services, ranging from PR programming to mobile marketing to social media updates. Over the last 25 years, Ehrlich has worked to provide guidance on investor relations, public relations and overall consumer behavior relations trends.


Register with SXSW PanelPicker and become a part of the experience. Voting ends on Friday, August 25th so make sure to get your choices in before then.