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How Your News Is Made

The journey of a news release: See how your press release becomes breaking news as it goes through the Business Wire newsroom.

Sandra Fathi on Current PR Trends

Sandra Fathi, president of Affect, discusses current and future trends in public relations.

Top PR Pros Tell Us Why They Use Business Wire

Leading communication professionals discuss why they chose Business Wire as their news release distribution partner.

WEBINAR: Connecting with Latino Audiences

US Hispanics represent 18% of the country’s population and significant spending power. Learn how to get your message to this valuable and growing audience.

WEBINAR: How do Newsrooms Really See Your News?

Ever wonder how your news releases and photos are actually seen and read by newsroom reporters and editors? Learn first-hand how Business Wire does it and why Business Wire is for any kind of news.

WEBINAR: How to use Reddit like a Pro to Amplify Your News

Reddit, "The Front Page of the Internet," reaches 245 million people around the world every month. Learn to use Reddit's tools and communities to amplify your PR and news reach.

WEBINAR: Increase ROI with Exclusive Social Tools and Optimization

In just 15 minutes, we will share a wide range of tips and best practices designed specifically to increase the impact and ROI of your communications programming. You will come away with useful...

WEBINAR: Is Your News Public Policy News?

Discover the best ways to make the strongest impact with your issues-focused news.

WEBINAR: Is Your News Public Policy News?

It’s critical to get your news in front of those that can help you influence outcomes: Media that report on your POV, decision-makers who need to be informed, and to the public that can help build...