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Maximize Your Brand Value in Niche Markets

When it comes to audience activation, you have to target and reach specific customer segments that are valuable to your brand. Business Wire’s exclusive partnership with SmartBrief enables you to access the right content platforms to really zero in.

When you distribute your news releases, include them in SmartBrief’s industry targeted email newsletters to reach the desktops of hundreds of top executives, decision makers and key influencers in dozens of verticals.

Here's How it Works

  • When ordering your press release, select the industry newsletter(s) most relevant to your news in Business Wire Connect.
  • SmartBrief newsletter editors will review your content for inclusion in their newsletter. If your content is not included, your distribution costs will be refunded.
  • Get measurement reports for included news releases seven (7) days after publication.

It's that easy! For more information, download the PDF on this page, or view a full list of available SmartBrief newsletters.

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