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Every press release has an audience. Picking a target audience and understanding what is important to that demographic is vital when turning press releases into news stories.  

Business Wire provides a wide range of ways to target the geographic markets, industry verticals, demographic audiences and subject-specific platforms important to your strategy. Each list reaches and engages reporters, influencers and analysts who have opted to receive our news. Our lists also make your release easily accessible online and within social platforms.  

For more than 60 years, Business Wire has worked with media outlets around the world as a trusted provider of breaking news. Leveraging our relationships and reach, we maximize the visibility and impact of your press release within your home market and around the world. 

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Business Wire’s Geographic Distribution 

The Americas

  • United States: National, regional, state and city distribution lists available. Industry trade publications are included at no additional cost.
  • Canada: Nationwide, industry, province and city distribution lists available. 
  • Latin America: Both regional and individual country distribution lists available.

Global, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa

Industry and Demographic Distribution Lists

  • AutomotiveWire: Automotive writers, analysts, columns, syndicates, newspapers and other local media.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Leading CSR magazines and news outlets, SRI funds and publications, CSR-focused universities and trade publications.
  • EntertainmentWire: Entertainment reporters, columns, syndicates, television programs, newspapers and other local media.
  • HealthWire: Health reporters and analysts as well as newspapers and other local media.
  • LatinoWire: English and Spanish distribution to print, broadcast and online media, newswires and news services in the nation's top Hispanic markets.
  • Public Policy Wire: Government, policy and issues writers and editors at newspapers, radio and TV stations and other media; plus government offices and legislators.
  • SportsWire: Sports reporters, columns, syndicates, television programs, newspapers and other local media.
  • Targeted ListsIn-depth reach to specific market segments and media with partners such as Black PR Wire, VentureBeat, SmartBrief and more.
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