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Without the ability to tie PR influence to coverage, communications practitioners have been forced to rely on output metrics such as releases sent, impressions, and total mentions received. Critical metrics such as organic pick-up, leads, conversions, and sales have historically been much harder to attribute to PR.

And with good reason. Measuring organic pickup and its derivative impact on the business is difficult. Gathering that data by monitoring Google Search alert results, tracking readership stats, and even subscribing to pay-wall content is time consuming and error prone.

That’s all about to change.

Introducing the new Business Wire Press Release Report powered by Trendkite, featuring interactive metrics. With this latest enhancement to Business Wire’s Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable feature integrated into NewsTrak reports, customers can now measure the value of earned media from their press release, as well as track their impact in addition to visibility in announcement postings and engagement metrics.

The Press Release Report includes valuable new metrics:

  • Deeper insight into pickup of your press release
  • Organic Pickups by day, week and month
  • Potential Reach of Organic Pickups include the aggregate of unique monthly visitors to the online publications that provided organic coverage of your announcement
  • Total Mentions sourced from your press release over time, or by location
  • Social Share Resonance
  • Sentiment, Volume of Shares, SEO Impact by Moz, and Readership
  • Article Impact that blends social amplification, readership and sentiment to help you understand which coverage mattered most
  • Top Publishers by Impact displays publications with the highest average article impact, derived by social shares, readership and sentiment
  • Ad Equivalency quantifies the value of the coverage if it were placed as an advertisement in the respective media outlet

These new features, coupled with traditional analytics on Business Wire’s NewsTrak report, provide a more complete picture of press release impact than ever before.

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