Event Spotlight

Shine the spotlight on your event experience. Showcase your products & services to your audiences, everywhere.

Increase the reach and effectiveness of your live and virtual events with Event Spotlight

Business Wire’s Event Spotlight is a modern and effective way to increase awareness and interest in your event participation.

Distributed over our newswire and your owned channels to maximize reach, Event Spotlight’s interactive format is an engaging way for reporters, buyers, consumers, and analysts to discover and experience your full suite of event content.

Event Spotlight is easy to:

BUILD -- Provide us with images, videos, and other marketing materials and, after a quick guidance call, we will create a single interactive content piece ready for distribution over our channels and yours -- in two business days. 

AMPLIFY -- We distribute your news release and Event Spotlight as a single news package for media, financial, and search audiences to access. Embed codes make it easy to reuse across your channels.

MEASURE -- From reach to engagement, Event Spotlight provides a wide range of highly valuable customer-led data.


Event Spotlight is for Every Show and Event

We know every event, conference and trade show is different, but the goals remain the same. Event Spotlight is the right vehicle to increase the reach and engagement of your event participation.

 Business Wire’s Event Spotlight includes: 

  • Event Spotlight interactive media creation (featuring up to 5 of your content pieces)
  • Distribution of your Event Spotlight, individual content pieces, and news release to one countrywide circuit of your choice
  • Distribution to industry trade press (varies by circuit selected)
  • Distribution to online services, search engines, and social channels
  • Embed codes for reuse across owned channels
  • Detailed measurement reports for the news release and interactive elements

Want more details? Click below to download our PDF with a deeper explanation of Event Spotlight features and capabilities:

Event Spotlight Product Sheet


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