Challenges and Opportunities in Biotech PR

Industry experts in biotechnology PR share their advice on communicating in a highly regulated and technical environment.

Bio White Paper Front Cover

Communications teams at biotech and pharma companies face unique challenges.
They must adhere to stringent regulatory and compliance policies. Plus, the information they’re working with is highly technical so it needs to be communicated with the highest level of precision and accuracy, all while maintaining a tone that reflects the fact that biotech stories often involve potential solutions to life-or-death situations.

In this whitepaper, our panel of experts discuss the essentials of biotech communications.

Eric Endicott Eric Endicott 
Senior Director of External Communications
Illumina, Inc.
Kari Watson Kari Watson 
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Liz Wolffe Liz Wolffe
Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

Synlogic, Inc.


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