Social Media Monitoring

Tracking your news on social media platforms

Business Wire has partnered with NUVI to bring you real-time social media monitoring and analytics. Who's talking about your brand? What are they saying? Track and respond to conversations and influencers in real time by instantly seeing what people are saying about your brand as they’re saying it.

Options include:

  • Press release-specific tracking, allowing you to see the social impact of a particular press release. These reports are included with every press release featuring our GMSM bundle.
  • Ongoing, real-time monitoring allowing you to instantly see the social conversations around your brand or organization via an elegant visual interface. NUVI's competitive pricing begins as low as $600 per month.


  • Full social media coverage: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Reddit and approximately 5 million RSS feeds.
  • Browser-based application, accessible on any desktop computer or web-enabled mobile device.

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