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Select from hundreds of distribution options that enable you to target your press release to media in virtually any geographic area of the world. We'll provide translations as needed. Our value-added trade categories enable you to target specific industry publications and websites most relevant to your news.

For publicly traded companies, Business Wire provides comprehensive disclosure services in the US, Canada, the UK and throughout the European Union. Our press release distribution circuits ensure broad-based disclosure for material press releases.

Other PR and IR tools include SEO tools, XBRL conversion and filing, IR website hosting, investor targeting, CSR distribution, subject-specific, themed, audience-specific and industry-specific circuits, and custom distribution.

For communications professionals in government and public affairs, Business Wire's Public Policy Wire targets press releases to key beat reporters, elected officials and other decision-makers and relevant online websites and forums.


These services and tools are available only to Business Wire members:

  • Business Wire Connect: Submit orders and manage your account via our secure online system
  • Custom formatting: Dynamic text formatting lets you retain the original look and feel of your press release, including embedded links
  • Company Profile: A snapshot of your company or organization, including key contacts and a 150-word description, distributed to media throughout the US, embedded as a link in each of your press releases
  • LogoLink: Include your company logo with all press releases submitted via Business Wire Connect; your logo is displayed with your headline and news release at and links to your company website
  • Company Information Center: Optional information, embedded with each of your press releases at, containing your company or organization name, type, headquarters, URL, number of employees, CEO, annual revenue and net income
  • NewsTrak Reports: valuable measurement and tracking reports for each news release submitted via Business Wire Connect
  • Conference Series: Attend Business Wire media breakfasts and conferences, to meet local media and industry experts while learning about and discussing the latest trends in public and investor relations

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