Help your company focus its efforts with the tool that has the most comprehensive indexing of tech events and awards.

Tech companies are challenged each year to decide which events and awards are worthy of their limited time and resources. Whether their goal is increasing media coverage, speaking, sponsoring, exhibiting, recruiting or networking - most tech companies try to manage this process in a spreadsheet, which leads to tedious data entry and missed deadlines.

EventTrak uses a simple keyword-based approach to help you zero in on topics of interest, find events that matter, and follow them with a single click. Care about a specific organizer like O’Reilly? You can easily see all of their events at once. Care about Javascript or any other specific programming language, platform or technology type? EventTrak has you covered.

EventTrak Reports provide you with comprehensive online author and blogger lists (including contact information), key event themes, full coverage for the previous year's event, detailed post-event recap report, and the ability to search, browse and export data.


  • Simple event and award discovery: find events and awards by keywords, topic, or organizer (in the tech industry’s most comprehensive database)
  • Follow opportunities you care about with a single click (no more data entry)
  • Follow organizers and topics that match your interest (much easier to identify opportunities related to the things your company cares about)
  • Create as many different calendars as you wish (for different departments, different clients if you are a PR firm, etc.)
  • Integrate your EventTrak calendar with your calendar client (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.)
  • Share calendars with everyone on your team (or export to .CSV / Excel)
  • No more missed deadlines (EventTrak automatically updates with the most accurate dates after you have followed an opportunity)
  • EventTrak reports for the top 120+ global technology events. Reports include exportable author contact information, publication and link to full text articles from show coverage. Ability to search within the results for keywords pertinent to your target market.

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