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EntertainmentWire reaches entertainment reporters, columns, syndicates and television programs as well as newspapers and other local media in your specified geographic circuit area. Each circuit includes value-added reach to disclosure destinations, your choice of trade and industry media, and full-text posting to Internet portals and sites, financial systems, online services and databases.

EntertainmentWire U.S. Circuits

Industry Corridor
Entertainment Corridor Technology Corridor  
Alabama Indiana Ohio
Alaska Iowa   Cleveland
Arizona Kansas Oklahoma
Arkansas Kentucky Oregon
California Louisiana Pennsylvania
  Northern California Maine   Philadelphia
    San Francisco / Bay Area Maryland Rhode Island
  Southern California Massachusetts South Carolina
    Los Angeles Metro   Boston South Dakota
    San Diego Michigan Tennessee
Colorado Minnesota   Nashville
  Denver Mississippi Texas
Connecticut Missouri   Dallas/Ft. Worth
DC Metro Montana   Houston
Delaware Nebraska   San Antonio/Austin
Florida Nevada Utah
  Miami New Hampshire Vermont
Georgia New Jersey Virginia
  Atlanta New Mexico Washington
Hawaii New York State   Seattle
Idaho   New York Metro West Virginia
Illinois North Carolina Wisconsin
  Chicago North Dakota Wyoming
EntertainmentWire Trades (Included with U.S. Circuit Orders)  
Communications: Publishing Entertainment: Books Entertainment: Music
Communications: Social Media Entertainment: Casino/Gaming Entertainment: Online
Consumer: Other Entertainment: Celebrity Entertainment: Other
Consumer: Family Entertainment: Electronic Games Entertainment: Theatre
Consumer: Men Entertainment: Events/Concerts Entertainment: Theme Parks
Consumer: Teens Entertainment: Licensing Entertainment: TV/Radio
Consumer: Women Entertainment: Mobile Entertainment Technology: Audio/Video
Entertainment: Arts/Museums Entertainment: Film & Motion Pictures Technology: Photography
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