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Add engagement to your brand story with Business Wire Interactive Media. Explore the tool below to see what's possible with our user platform and learn how interactivity adds interest and drives action. 

Your news release goals have changed, so we changed the news release.

  • Traditional news releases receive 30 seconds of passive attention. Business Wire Interactive Media news releases receive 88 seconds of active attention.
  • Business Wire Interactive Media is a compelling, interactive format that engages audiences 30% - 50% more than traditional news releases.
  • We do the work. Let our team transform your assets into a new interactive content package that can increase your news release multimedia activity by 33%.
  • Business Wire’s news distribution allows media and consumers to discover and engage with your interactive story, increasing link clicks by 15%.
  • Increase your program’s results by 36% when you embed your new interactive asset across your website and landing pages.

Banner image highlighting Business Wire's partnership with the Associated Press to build custom multimedia content

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