Canadian Disclosure

Business Wire is sanctioned by the Toronto Stock Exchange, adhering to all regulatory requirements. Our patented high-speed network ensures that your news is disclosed to regulatory authorities, investors, media, analysts and all your other target audiences. Business Wire is a trusted, recognized disclosure vehicle for financial news in the US, Canada and in markets throughout Europe — more than any other wire service.

Business Wire press releases are:

  • Anchored by strong distribution relationships with major Canadian news outlets including The Postmedia Network, Financial Post, Canadian Press, CBC and BNN.
  • Distributed directly into the editorial systems of newspapers, disclosure outlets, TV, radio and other media.
  • Securely delivered in full-text to leading financial systems, portals and websites including AP, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, FactSet, Thomson Reuters, Yahoo! Finance and Google News.
  • Archived in major databases including LexisNexis and Factiva.
  • Reach journalists, consumers, bloggers and online news audiences through multiple channels including RSS feeds, subscription emails, our exclusive PressPass service, mobile alerts and social promotion.

SEDAR Filing Services

  • SEDAR filing and payment of regulatory fees in order to satisfy Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) requirements.
  • Securities filings to EDGAR is also available.

SOC 2 Compliant Security

  • We are committed to the most stringent security policies and procedures in the industry and solidifies our unmatched ability to safeguard, handle and distribute critical information.

CIRI Partnership

Interactive Reporting

Corporate Social Responsibility reports and earnings reports are often dense and require a significant investment of attention from readers. Engagement is difficult to gain but especially necessary for this type of content.

Interactive content displays your content in a visual and absorbable way that gives your viewers more control over how they consume their content.

For IROs, interactive media content means:

  • Presenting content in a format that 91% of B2B buyers prefer.
  • 67% of users interact with your content.
  • Double the time in which viewers stay engaged.

 FedEx used our Interactive Media Assets to encourage engagement with their 2018 Annual Report 


FedEx’s interactive asset achieved an engagement rate of 59.53% compared to the industry average of 6.62%. On average, users interacted with the asset 5.42 times.

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