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Press Release Template

Kickstart the creation of your next press release with our press release template.  

Write a Strong News Release Lead

Learn from expert Ann Wylie how to write the first paragraph of your press release so it engages and entices audiences.

Educational Videos

Tips and best practices to maximize the reach, visibility and impact of your press release and media relations efforts.

Webinar: Mastering IR Communications

Learn the latest IR and PR trends, strategies, and skills that are essential for effective stakeholder communications and engagement.

Journalist Feedback Survey

Learn what journalists want when it comes to receiving pitches, communications with PR professionals, what they value about newswires, and more.

Webinar: AI in the Black Community

Hear about the exciting potential of AI across a variety of industries and the necessary safeguards to prevent the perpetuation of injustices.

Webinar: The Latinx Media Landscape in 2023

Business Wire and Impremedia discuss the past, present, and future of Latinx media in the United States, plus tips for connecting with Latinx media and audiences.

Sharing Press Releases on LinkedIn

Share press releases and media coverage on LinkedIn to boost the reach of your news. Learn post tips, plus the value of LinkedIn analytics.

Using Social Media to Amplify Your News and Media Coverage

Discover the importance of showcasing your news and media coverage on social media platforms, along with valuable insights on creating and sharing your content to maximize reach and engagement.

Connecting with Black Media: Guidance for Public Relations Professionals

Learn key insights about the history and evolution of Black media from media experts, plus how to partner with Black-owned media and connect with Black audiences.

The Benefits of Using a Newswire

Partnering with Business Wire comes with a number of benefits and features. Learn how we go beyond simply distributing your news with this interactive infographic.

Sharing Your News: 7 Reasons to Work with a Newswire

Learn seven core reasons to partner with a newswire and how newswires can amplify your public relations efforts.

Webinar: The State of Black Media 2023

Join us for a candid and pertinent discussion on the past, present and future role that Black media plays in our society.   

Optimizing Your News: How to Attribute Economic Results to PR Campaigns

Optimize your press releases and understand the economic impact of your PR campaigns by utilizing keywords and tracking URLs.

Maximize the Impact of Your News

Combine your channels with Business Wire to boost your press release visibility, further your reach and impact your target audiences. 

Global Press Release Distribution Guide

Learn how Business Wire supports international press release distribution and translation so you can reach audiences around the world.

Webinar: Attributing Economic Results to Press Releases

Greg Jarboe discusses press release distribution, search engine optimization, and analytics so you can better understand the role press releases play in your campaigns.

How to Make Your News Releases 47% More Usable

Use Business Wire’s press release formatting elements to catch reader attention and improve news release message retention.

Distributing Your Press Release in Five Steps

Distribute your press release with Business Wire in five easy steps and increase your news reach and engagement.

Best Practices for Enhancing Earnings Releases

In this whitepaper, we review best practices for enhancing earnings releases, including proper use of hyperlinks and engagement tips and techniques.

How to Connect with PR Audiences Visually

Learn expert advice for companies and PR teams ready to take a more authentic approach in tailoring visuals to meet the needs of those you want to reach and impact.

The State of Black Media in 2022

Insights on the state of Black media in 2022, its robust history in the United States, and the impactful, empowering, and community-focused news it delivers.

Communicating Throughout Your Journey to the Public Markets

Discover tips from an expert panel for communicating your direct listing, traditional IPO, or SPAC.

Webinar: The State of Black Media 2022

Public relations and media relations leaders discuss the state of Black media and communications in 2022 and how to activate Black audiences.

Tips for Writing a Press Release

This step-by-step public relations infographic shares tips for writing a press release and connecting with your audience.

Your Guide to Trade Show Publicity

A comprehensive public relations guide with the steps to take before, during and after an event or conference for successful trade show publicity.

Webinar: The Journey to the Public Markets

In this webinar, we discuss the decisions companies face when going public, including the differences in how a company can become publicly-traded.

60 Communications Tips That Work

We’ve gathered our top 60 actionable media relations recommendations that reflect today’s communications landscape.

5 Steps for Effective SPAC Communications

Learn about the nuances of SPAC communications and how PR and communications teams
can successfully break through the noise to promote SPAC news.

How to Craft Quotable Quotes in Press Releases

Want to write better press release quotes? Ann Wylie explains all you need to know about writing the perfect press release sound bite. 

Defending the Truth: How to Fight Disinformation & Misinformation

'Fake news' about a company is dangerous. Uncover the five steps to take control of misinformation and disinformation.

How to Nurture Media Relationships

Discover how PR teams can strengthen media relationships in challenging times. Level up your media relations game.

Technology News Releases

Download our whitepaper to uncover five key questions technology PR teams should ask themselves to improve the effectiveness of their releases.

Leveling Up Your PR Game

Learn how to make the right impression, build a supportive network and develop lifelong learning skills that will sustain successful public relations careers.

Webinar: The Role of Public Relations in Disinformation

In this webinar, we ask three of the industry’s top experts to discuss the role of disinformation and misinformation in communications and public relations.

Webinar: Everything Communicators Need to Know About SPACs

In this webinar, we will speak with a team of SPAC and IPO experts to discuss the role communications teams play in the SPAC process, pre- and post-conversion.

Webinar: News Release Benchmarks for the Technology Industry

Onclusive and Business Wire teamed up to analyze the best days and times to issue your technology release, industry benchmarks and best practices.

Webinar: Upleveling Your Media Relations Game

In this webinar, Business Wire and Muck Rack bring together experts to provide real-world tips and best practices to grow your media relations practice.

Having Multicultural Conversations That Matter

Extend brand conversations to diverse audiences through a focus on multicultural communication strategies and outreach.

PR Storytellers: European Edition

Leading in-house and agency PR professionals share their advice to own the visual process – and extend brand stories to genuinely benefit audiences. 

Breaking Through the Noise: Five Requirements for Pitching the Media

Learn the five essential requirements for pitching the media that will help your PR team pitch more successfully and build effective long-term relationships with media outlets.

7 Tips to Supercharge Your Press Releases

Here are seven tips—from building relevance to imagery—you should follow to make every press release as powerful as possible.

Webinar: PR 102: Leveling Up Your PR Game

Media and PR experts discuss the things newer PR pros need to know to get promoted. We will look at areas of practice, skills, tips and tactics that turn a PR coordinator into a PR superstar.

5 Tips to Increase Impact of Biotech & Healthcare News

Industry experts share the data and techniques behind more powerful healthcare and biotech press releases.

Owning the Visual Conversation

In this guide, uncover five tips and 30 tools to boost your PR results with multimedia. 

Emerging Trends for PR Practitioners

The business landscape in 2020 has been fraught with uncertainty. Capitalize on these emerging PR trends to get an edge.

Startup PR: How to Get Lift-Off for Your Launch

Learn how to know when a company is ready to start telling its story, how to choose the right spokesperson and how to build the groundswell that every new company needs.

Webinar: Visual Storytelling, Using Images to Tell Your Brand Story [Europe]

Learn how to use visuals to tell an engaging story that speaks to reporters and consumers alike. 

Webinar: News Release Benchmarks for Healthcare/Biotech Industries

Onclusive and Business Wire teamed up to identify the characteristics of a winning news release. 

How-to Guide: Instructions on Writing a Reporter-Friendly News Release

Tips for punching up your news release headlines and formatting techniques to turn skimming readers into message adopters.

Visual Storytelling: The New Best Practice for PR

Top agency and corporate PR digital marketing specialists share their insights about using visual content to tell brand stories and how PR people can take the lead.

Five Essential Tips for Connecting with Multicultural Audiences

In this whitepaper, learn five essential tips for authentically connecting with multicultural audiences.

Webinar: Experts Discuss Multicultural PR

Hear from our expert panel on how to increase trust in your brand and connect with diverse audiences.

Webinar: Visual Storytelling, Using Images to Tell Your Brand Story

Learn from agency and corporate PR executives how to tell an engaging visual story that speaks to reporters and consumers alike.

Webinar: Preparing to Pitch the Media in a Post-Pandemic World

Leading journalists share how to get their attention, build relationships and communicate in a post-pandemic world.

Webinar: Leveraging Innovative Tools to Increase Revenues & Results

Explore multimedia and how today’s digital tools can be leveraged to add financial value to your company's innovative offerings.

Five Essentials of Effective Earnings Releases

Improve the visibility of your earnings release and make critical communications stand out during peak earnings announcement periods.

Building a Great Relationship with Your PR Agency

In this whitepaper, learn the five essential tips for building a great partnership with your PR agency.

Webinar: PR Experts Discuss PR

An expert panel of PR professionals talk about public relations, measurement, the agency business and more.

Webinar: The Art of Marketing

A discussion on providing new and innovative ways to marketing in today’s digital era. Presented in partnership with Black PR Wire.

A Complete Guide to Modern Public Relations

A tactical guide outlining how to create and launch an effective communications program designed to activate modern audiences.

The 2019 Press Release Benchmarks Report

The first ever analysis of nearly 17,000 releases provides benchmarks and best practices for news release distribution. 

Case Study: BioTalent Canada

Read the full case study to see how BioTalent Canada used Business Wire Interactive Media to increase report downloads by 48%.

Webinar: Data-Driven Strategies for Winning with News Releases

In this webinar, we partnered with Onclusive to reveal benchmarks and best practices for optimizing your press release performance.

5 Ways to Get Noticed by Tech Press

We asked three tech media journalists share their best practices to improve the pickup of tech news releases. Uncover their essential news release techniques.

Case Study: Chatmeter

See how Chatmeter used Business Wire Interactive Media to generate 11 months' worth of inbound traffic in 30 days.

Case Study: Spok

Learn how Spok used Business Wire Interactive Media to generate more news release views, inbound traffic and and social shares of their launch news.

Case Study: Consumer Healthcare Products Association

Read how CHPA used Business Wire Interactive Media to increase their news release views, generate consumer engagement and more shares.

The Guide to Modern Storytelling

Your story is everywhere. In this guide, you'll learn the three steps to take to harness it. 

14 Tips to Make Your News Do More

Here are 14 tips from the experts at Business Wire to increase the awareness, engagement and actions – from coverage to traffic – of your next news release.

Webinar: Meet the Technology Media

Hear what reporters are looking for in your pitches, best practices for getting your story in their hands, and overall challenges of the technology media landscape.

Challenges and Opportunities in Biotech PR

Industry experts in biotechnology PR share their advice on communicating in a highly regulated and technical environment.

The Future of Brands in a Digitizing World

An in-depth expert interview focused on key challenges and implications for brands that emanate from the digital age.

Webinar: Best Practices for Biotech Communications Professionals

Our panel takes a deep look at today’s communication landscape within the Biotechnology Industry.

Webinar: Best Practices for Enhancing Earnings Releases

Learn how to enhance your earnings releases and deliver information to your IR audiences in the most efficient way possible.

Let's Get Visual: Multimedia and the Press Release

In this report, Business Wire looks at the key questions communications professionals must ask when understanding the importance of multimedia in today's news content

Webinar: Sandra Fathi on Current PR Trends

Sandra Fathi, president of Affect, discusses current and future trends in public relations.

The Convergence of IR and PR

Discover how public relations and investor relations teams can work together to build a stronger communications program.

10 Tips for Sharing News and Social Content in an Online Newsroom

Online newsrooms are invaluable instruments for preparing, integrating and sharing news and social content.

Webinar: How to use Reddit like a Pro to Amplify Your News

Reddit, "The Front Page of the Internet," reaches 245 million people around the world every month. Learn to use Reddit's tools and communities to amplify your PR and news reach.

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