Examples of Press Releases

Your press release is more than just text — it's photos, videos, logos, social media accounts and other important information about your company. Browse the gallery below to see press release examples from Business Wire clients featuring optimal formatting elements and enhancements.

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Press Release Features

Go beyond your news release text and tell your story through visuals, pull quotes and more. Utilize Business Wire’s press release format features and tips to reach media outlets, reporters, journalists and consumers. 

  • Headline: Search engines rely heavily on page titles to determine visibility, and your press release's headline is its page title. For proper indexing by news sites, your headline should be between 2 and 22 words. For more advice on writing perfect headlines, download "Writing a Reporter-Friendly News Release."
  • Logo: To increase branding and impact, your full-color logo is displayed with your press release. Logos are hyperlinked to maximize inbound traffic opportunities.
  • Company Information: Tell people who you are by including key data points in the sidebar next to the release on our website.
  • Release Summary: Increase release comprehension by providing a short, simplified summary of your announcement, enticing readers to read the full release.
  • Multimedia: Photos, videos, Interactive Media and other content appear directly above your press release text.
  • Multimedia Carousel: Instantly accessible to all audiences, your multimedia assets can be viewed, downloaded and shared from here.
  • Body Text: Your press release is easy to read with rich-text formatting that allows for bold, italics, tables, bullets, live hyperlinks and other features, creating a positive, easy-to-read experience for viewers.
  • Pull Quotes: Text within quote marks from your press release appears here on a rotating basis giving readers the ability to quickly post your press release to X. This section can be customized with a separate, pre-written message in place of rotating quotes.
  • Translations: News releases distributed outside the US receive translations into appropriate languages. Each translation posting on BusinessWire.com links to the other language versions associated with the release. Need more advice on international distribution? Read 8 Tips for Maximizing Your International Press Release on the Business Wire Blog.
  • Social Media Profiles: Provide direct links to your active social platform pages, as well as relevant hashtags.
  • More News: When expanded, provides readers instant access to your company's three most recent press releases.
  • Contacts: Your media, investor and other contacts from the press release are shown here, with live email links when provided.

Types of Press Releases

You may decide to write and distribute a news release for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples of press releases for different news events and milestones.

  • Standard news press release
  • New business press release
  • New product press release
  • Event press release
  • Launch press release
  • New or change in executive staff press release
  • Rebranding press release
  • New partnership press release
  • Research findings press release
  • Earnings press release
  • New venture press release
  • Crisis management press release

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