Your press release is more than just text — it's photos, videos, logos, social media accounts and other important information about your company.

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Press Release Features

  1. HEADLINE: Search engines rely heavily on page titles to determine ranking, and your press release's headline is its page title. For proper indexing by news sites, your headline should be between 2 and 22 words. Search engine results often limit titles to around 67 characters, so make sure your most important information is right up front in the headline. Keep it straightforward and avoid puns or plays on words.
  2. LOGO: Your full-color logo is displayed with your press release, links to your company website, and appears with your headline on many news websites.
  3. MULTIMEDIA: Your photos, videos, Interactive Media and other content appear directly above your press release text.
  4. COMPANY INFORMATION: A brief capsule of your company details, including stock information and links for public companies, appears here.
  5. RELEASE SUMMARY: A one-sentence summary of your news that grabs media and other readers.
  6. TWITTER FEED: Your corporate Twitter account, and its most recent posts, is viewable here.
  7. MULTIMEDIA CAROUSEL: All of your multimedia assets can be viewed, downloaded and shared from here.
  8. BODY TEXT: Your press release is web-ready with rich-formatted text including bold, italics, tables, bullets, live hyperlinks and other features.
  9. PULL QUOTES: Material in quote marks from your release appears here on a rotating basis, with the ability for users to quickly tweet your press release.
  10. MORE NEWS: Links to your company's three most recent press releases are provided here.
  11. CONTACTS: Your media, investor and other contacts are shown here, with live email links when provided.

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