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From custom news filters and feeds to licensed content, Business Wire gives media professionals the tools to get the news they need.

Journalists, bloggers and other media professionals can find the news they need with Business Wire's PressPass. PressPass allows you to set up customized news views and delivery options, making available only the news you need and providing access to full-text press releases, photos, videos and other multimedia. Business Wire provides dozens of industry- , topic- and language-specific RSS feeds, giving you up-to-date news on the topics you cover, plus fast access to all of our multimedia news every day. Register for PressPass today.

Licensed Content
Need news for your publication or organization website? Business Wire makes it easy to incorporate our news content onto your site. Multiple options let you add real time news and multimedia content targeted to your audiences, filtering by geography, industry or other criteria. Choose from custom news feeds that you host yourself, to Business Wire hosted options such as an RSS, Atom or RESTful feed.

Business Wire Technology for Media
Business Wire offers a variety of feeds and options for you and your news organization to receive and post Business Wire content. News from companies and organizations has proven to drive site traffic up. News can be an important part of your site's function for your registered users and guests. Getting news on your site is fast and easy. Visit our Technology for Media page to see all of your options.


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