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Business Wire is the only US-based commercial news service that has access to the Agence France-Presse (AFP) media network, the four Nordic news agencies, and all of the major news services in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, Business Wire's networks utilize PA Media, VWD, ANSA and other prominent news services.

All Europe Eastern Europe Europe/Middle East/Africa
Baltic States Essential Europe European Union
Benelux Europe Financial Media Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan
Central/Eastern Europe Europe Media Scandinavia
Regionwide & Trades
CSR Circuit - Corporate Social Responsibility Europe Technology Media Scandinavia Technology Media
Europe Health Media Europe/Middle East/Africa Technology Media UK/Ireland Technology Media
Individual Markets
Austria Greece Slovakia
Belgium/Luxembourg Hungary Slovenia
Bulgaria Italy Spain
Cyprus Latvia Sweden
Czech Republic Lithuania Switzerland
Denmark Netherlands Turkey
Estonia Norway UK/Ireland Financial Media
Finland Poland UK/Ireland Media
France Portugal Ukraine
France Technology Media Romania  
Germany Russia  
Trades & Targeted
Automotive: General Government: Labor Retail: Cosmetics
Automotive: Motorcycles Government: Other Retail: Fashion
Automotive: Performance/Special Interest Government: Public Policy Retail: Food/Beverages
Communications: Advertising Government: State/Local Retail: Home Goods
Communications: Marketing Health: All Retail: Luxury
Communications: Other Health: Alternative Medicine Retail: Other
Communications: Publishing Health: Biotechnology Retail: Restaurant/Bar
Construction/Property: Architecture Health: Cardiology Retail: Wine/Spirits
Construction/Property: Building Systems Health: Dental Science
Construction/Property: Commercial Building Health: Diabetes Sports: Cycling
Construction/Property: Interior Design Health: Fitness/Nutrition Sports: Equestrian
Construction/Property: Landscape Health: General Health Sports: Golf
Construction/Property: Other Health: Hospital Sports: Hunting
Construction/Property: Residential Building Health: Managed Care Sports: Individual Sports
Consumer: Family Health: Medical Devices Sports: Outdoors
Consumer: Men Health: Mental Health Sports: Recreation
Consumer: Other Health: Nursing Sports: Soccer
Consumer: Pets Health: Oncology Sports: Team Sports
Consumer: Religion Health: Optical Sports: Water Sports
Consumer: Teens Health: Pharmaceutical Technology: All
Consumer: Women Health: Surgery Technology: Audio/Video
Defense Manufacturing: Automotive Technology: Consumer Electronics
Education: Other Manufacturing: Chemicals/Plastics Technology: Electronic Design Automation
Education: Primary/Secondary Manufacturing: Engineering Technology: Hardware
Education: University Manufacturing: Other Technology: Internet
Energy: Alternative Energy Manufacturing: Packaging Technology: Mobile/Wireless
Energy: Oil/Gas Manufacturing: Steel Technology: Networks
Energy: Other Manufacturing: Textiles Technology: Photography
Energy: Utilities Natural Resources: Agriculture Technology: Security
Entertainment: Arts/Museums Natural Resources: Forest Products Technology: Software
Entertainment: Books Natural Resources: Mining/Metals Technology: Telecommunications
Entertainment: Casino/Gaming Philanthropy Transport: Air
Entertainment: Celebrity Professional Services: Accounting Transport: Maritime
Entertainment: Electronic Games Professional Services: Banking Transport: Other
Entertainment: Events/Concerts Professional Services: Consulting Transport: Trucking
Entertainment: Motion Pictures Professional Services: Finance Travel: Destinations
Entertainment: Music Professional Services: Human Resources Travel: Lodging
Entertainment: Other Professional Services: Insurance Travel: Other
Entertainment: TV/Radio Professional Services: Legal  
Environment Professional Services: Small Business  
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