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Public Policy Wire reaches government, policy and issues writers and editors at newspapers, radio and TV stations and other media in your chosen geographic area. Included is value-added reach to your choice of trade and industry media, and full-text posting to Internet portals, media and other public sites, online services and databases. Enhance your reach to government decision makers and reporters by ordering custom Issues-Focused Policy and/or Congressional member or committee lists.

Geographic Circuits (Cost basis)
U.S. National D.C. Capital Circuit  
Issues-Focused Policy Lists (fee-based)
Congressional Reporters Healthcare Reporters Supreme Court Reporters
Education Reporters Homeland Security Reporters Sustainability Reporters
Foreign Affairs Reporters Immigration Reporters UN Reporters
Foreign Reporters Pentagon Reporters White House Reporters
Congressional Lists (fee based)
U.S. Senate Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship House Committee on Homeland Security
Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs House Committee on Natural Resources
Senate Committee on Appropriations Senate Select Committee on Intelligence House Committee on Rules
Senate Committee on Armed Services Senate Special Committee on Aging House Committee on Science and Technology
Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Senate Special Committee on Ethics House Committee on Small Business
Senate Committee on Budget U.S. House of Representatives House Committee on Ethics
Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation House Armed Services Committee House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources House Budget Committee House Committee on Veterans' Affairs
Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works House Committee Oversight and Government Reform House Committee on Ways and Means
Senate Committee on Finance House Committee on Administration House Committee on the Judiciary
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations House Committee on Agriculture House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions House Committee on Appropriations Joint Committee on Taxation
Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs House Committee on Education and Labor Joint Economic Committee
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs House Committee on Energy and Commerce Congressional Black Caucus
Senate Committee on Judiciary House Committee on Financial Services Congressional Hispanic Caucus
Senate Committee on Rules and Administration House Committee on Foreign Affairs  
Alabama Louisiana Ohio
Alaska Maine Oklahoma
Arizona Maryland Oregon
Arkansas Massachusetts Pennsylvania
California Michigan Rhode Island
Colorado Minnesota South Carolina
Connecticut Mississippi South Dakota
Delaware Missouri Tennessee
Florida Montana Texas
Georgia Nebraska Utah
Hawaii Nevada Vermont
Idaho New Hampshire Virginia
Illinois New Jersey Washington
Indiana New Mexico West Virginia
Iowa New York Wisconsin
Kansas North Carolina Wyoming
Kentucky North Dakota  
Public Policy Trades (Complimentary)
Public Policy/Government: Congressional News/Views Public Policy/Government: Homeland Security Public Policy/Government: Public Policy
Public Policy/Government: Courts Public Policy/Government: Labor Public Policy/Government: State/Local
Public Policy/Government: Elections/Campaigns Public Policy/Government: Law Enforcement/Emergency Services Public Policy/Government: White House/Federal Government
Public Policy/Government: Healthcare Reform Public Policy/Government: Other Policy Issues  
Additional Trades & Industry (Complimentary)
Automotive: Aftermarket Health: AIDS Retail: Convenience Store
Automotive: Alternative Vehicles/Fuels Health: Alternative Medicine Retail: Cosmetics
Automotive: Tires/Rubber Health: Biotechnology Retail: Department Stores
Communications: Advertising Health: Cardiology Retail: Discount/Variety
Communications: Blogging Health: Clinical Trials Retail: Fashion
Communications: Marketing Health: Dental Retail: Food/Beverage
Communications: Other Health: Diabetes Retail: Home Goods
Communications: Public Relations/Investor Relations Health: FDA Retail: Luxury
Communications: Publishing Health: Fitness/Nutrition Retail: Office Products
Communications: Search Engine Marketing Health: Genetics Retail: Online Retail
Communications: Search Engine Optimization Health: Hospitals Retail: Other
Communications: Social Media Health: Infectious Diseases Retail: Restaurant/Bar
Construction & Property: Architecture Health: Managed Care Retail: Specialty
Construction & Property: Building Systems Health: Medical Devices Retail: Supermarkets
Construction & Property: Commercial Building/Real Estate Health: Medical Supplies Retail: Supply Chain Management
Construction & Property: Interior Design Health: Mental Health Retail: Tobacco
Construction & Property: Landscape Health: Nursing Retail: Wine/Spirits
Construction & Property: Other Health: Oncology Science: Research
Construction & Property: REIT Health: Optical Science: Other
Construction & Property: Residential Building/Real Estate Health: Pharmaceutical Sports: General
Construction & Property: Urban Planning Health: Physical Therapy Technology: Audio/Video
Consumer: Baby/Maternity Health: Practice Management Technology: Consumer Electronics
Consumer: Children Health: Radiology Technology: Data Management
Consumer: Family Health: Stem Cells Technology: Electronic Design Automation
Consumer: LGBT Health: Surgery Technology: Hardware
Consumer: Men Manufacturing: Aerospace Technology: Internet
Consumer: Other Manufacturing: Automotive Technology: Mobile/Wireless
Consumer: Parenting Manufacturing: Chemicals/Plastics Technology: Nanotechnology
Consumer: Pets Manufacturing: Engineering Technology: Networks
Consumer: Religion Manufacturing: Other Technology: Other
Consumer: Seniors Manufacturing: Packaging Technology: Photography
Consumer: Teens Manufacturing: Steel Technology: Satellite
Consumer: Women Manufacturing: Textiles Technology: Security
Defense: Contracts Natural Resources: Agriculture Technology: Semiconductor
Defense: Other Natural Resources: Forest Products Technology: Software
Education: Continuing Natural Resources: Mining/Minerals Technology: Telecommunications
Education: Other Natural Resources: Other Technology: VoIP
Education: Preschool Philanthropy: Foundation Transport: Air
Education: Primary/Secondary Philanthropy: Fund Raising Transport: Logistics/Supply Chain Management
Education: Training Philanthropy: Other Transport: Maritime
Education: University Professional Services: Accounting Transport: Other
Energy: Alternative Energy Professional Services: Banking Transport: Public Transport
Energy: Coal Professional Services: Consulting Transport: Rail
Energy: Nuclear Professional Services: Finance Transport: Trucking
Energy: Oil/Gas Professional Services: Human Resources Travel: Cruise
Energy: Other Professional Services: Insurance Travel: Destinations
Energy: Utilities Professional Services: Legal Travel: Lodging
Entertainment: General Professional Services: Other Travel: Other
Entertainment: Casino/Gaming Professional Services: Small Business Travel: Transportation
Environment Retail: Bridal Travel: Vacation
Health/Medical: General Retail: Catalog  
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