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SportsWire reaches sports reporters, columns, syndicates and television programs as well as newspapers and other local media in your specified geographic circuit area. Each circuit includes value-add reach to disclosure destinations, your choice of trade and industry media, and full-text posting to Internet portals and sites, financial systems, online services and databases.

SportsWire U.S. Circuits

Northeast Midwest Southwest
Southeast Pacific Northwest  
Alabama Indiana   New York Metro
Alaska Iowa North Carolina
Arizona Kansas North Dakota
Arkansas Kentucky Ohio
California Louisiana Oklahoma
  Northern California Maine Oregon
    San Francisco Bay Area Maryland Pennsylvania
  Southern California Massachusetts Rhode Island
    Los Angeles Metro Michigan South Carolina
Colorado Minnesota South Dakota
Connecticut Mississippi Tennessee
DC Metro Missouri Texas
Delaware Montana Utah
Florida Nebraska Vermont
Georgia Nevada Virginia
Hawaii New Hampshire Washington
Idaho New Jersey West Virginia
Illinois New Mexico Wisconsin
  Chicago New York Wyoming
SportsWire Trades (Included with U.S. Circuit Orders)    
Team Sports: Baseball Individual Sports: Gymnastics Water Sports: Sailing
Team Sports: Basketball Team Sports: Hockey Individual Sports: Skiing/Snowboarding
Individual Sports: Biking/Cycling Recreational Sports: Hunting Team Sports: Soccer
Individual Sports: Billiards Team Sports: Lacrosse Water Sports: Surfing/Sailboarding
Individual Sports: Bowling Sports: Licensing Water Sports: Swimming
Individual Sports: Boxing Sports: Martial Arts Individual Sports: Tennis
Team Sports: Cricket Recreational Sports: Motor Sports Team Sports: Volleyball
Individual Sports: Equestrian Sports: Other Water Sports: Water Skiing
Recreational Sports: Extreme Sports Recreational Sports: Outdoors Water Sports
Recreational Sports: Fishing Water Sports: Powerboating Individual Sports: Wrestling
Team Sports: Football Individual Sports: Rodeo Water Sports: Yachting
Individual Sports: Golf Individual Sports: Running  


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