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In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Business Wire distributes news via PA Media and our own proprietary news network. Your full-text news release is also posted to major web sites and online systems including Thomson Reuters and Google. News from publicly-traded companies is also posted onto Bloomberg. Business Wire is an FCA-authorized Regulatory Information Service (RIS) for disclosure announcements by LSE-listed and EuroNext London-listed firms. 

London Metro Scotland UK/Ireland Financial Media
Ireland Wales UK/Ireland Media
Regionwide + Trades, Targeted    
CSR Circuit - Corporate Social Responsibility UK/Ireland Technology Media  
Trades & Targeted    
UK/Ireland - Automotive UK/Ireland - Government UK/Ireland - Retail: Food/Beverage
UK/Ireland - Communications: Marketing UK/Ireland - Health: All UK/Ireland - Retail: Other
UK/Ireland - Communications: Other UK/Ireland - Health: Biotechnology UK/Ireland - Sports
UK/Ireland - Construction/Property UK/Ireland - Natural Resources: Agriculture UK/Ireland - Technology: All
UK/Ireland - Consumer UK/Ireland - Natural Resources: Other UK/Ireland - Technology: Consumer Electronics
UK/Ireland - Energy: Oil/Gas UK/Ireland - Professional Services: Banking UK/Ireland - Technology: Mobile/Wireless
UK/Ireland - Energy: Other UK/Ireland - Professional Services: Consulting UK/Ireland - Technology: Telecommunications
UK/Ireland - Entertainment UK/Ireland - Professional Services: Finance UK/Ireland - Transport
UK/Ireland - Entertainment: Casino/Gaming UK/Ireland - Professional Services: Insurance UK/Ireland - Travel
UK/Ireland - Entertainment: Electronic Games UK/Ireland - Retail: Fashion  




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