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As a registered member of Business Wire's PressPass you can get customized news by email, RSS or web news feeds. You can further customize your news profiles by more specific categories and keywords.

Multiple Delivery Options
Use the Change button at the top of your My News page. This will open your news preference page where you can save multiple news profiles. You can also change your email options on your news preference page. If you wish to view any of your custom news views in your RSS reader, look for the RSS icon on your My News page.

You can create as many news profiles as you would like, but only your default profile will be emailed to you as PressPass headlines if you choose to receive email. You can receive any and all of your news views via RSS. You will also see news for any companies you may track by adding their ticker symbols to the My Companies box on your My News home page. You can opt to receive your PressPass email headlines once a day, three times a day, every hour or not at all.

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  • Customize unlimited Business Wire news views which can be delivered to you by email or RSS
  • Access an archive of Business Wire stories going back 2 years
  • Download photos, logos and multimedia content from thousands of leading companies worldwide for free and unrestricted use with stories
  • Track any company and be alerted to their news by using the "Add to My Companies" link on any press release
  • View and share our Interactive Media stories

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