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Guaranteed Placement with Business Wire

Leverage our relationship with the Postmedia Network to maximize your news visibility

Business Wire's relationship with Postmedia allows our clients guaranteed posting on Postmedia properties. Available for all news releases distributed in Canada. 

National Visibility

The Postmedia Network is one of Canada’s largest media networks with outlets covering national and local news throughout the country. 

Press releases distributed by Business Wire will be housed on the Financial Post and displayed on the home page of Postmedia owned news outlets like the National Post.

National Post and Financial Post

Local Reach

Also take advantage of local newspapers and niche interest outlets.

Measurable Effect

Postings on Postmedia has helped many of our clients’ press releases and often accounts for more than half of incoming traffic for Canadian press releases. You can view incoming traffic through our NewsTrak report feature accessible on your Business Wire press release.

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