5 Steps for Effective SPAC Communications

Learn to successfully break through the noise and promote your SPAC

5 Steps for Effective SPAC Communications_Business Wire_COVER

SPAC communications require finesse, agility, and attention to detail and legal requirements.

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, or SPACs, are unique in the investment world because of the speed at which they move to an IPO and because, at the outset, investors do not necessarily know where their money will ultimately be invested.

As of May 2021, SPACs have raised $100 billion in public offerings, topping the $75.5 billion raised in all of 2020. This signals a major undertaking for communicators, who need to respond not only to the volume but also to abide by SEC regulations. It also presents the challenge of creating interest in an entity when the end target company is unknown.

To learn more about the nuances and how PR and communications teams can successfully break through the noise and promote SPACs, Michael Becker, Business Wire’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, brought together a panel of experts to share their perspectives.

Featured experts:

Carolyn Saacke


COO, New York Stock Exchange



CEO, RSE Ventures
CEO, Omnichannel Acquisition Corp.

Don Duffy Headshot

President, ICR



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