7 Tips to Supercharge Your Press Releases

Best practices for optimizing your press releases

7 Tips to Supercharge Your Press Releases

Public relations has never been more crucial

Today’s consumers are hungry for news content, constantly opening and refreshing apps in order to stay on top of the latest news—from social status updates to long-form industry trade pieces. But ingesting so much content can quickly become exhausting and overwhelming, leading to a reliance on editorial and influencer coverage to make buying decisions.

This provides a perfect opportunity for public relations teams to focus on one of their core capabilities: securing earned media. But with fewer media outlets today than five years ago, reporters have more responsibilities and less time to achieve them. Use this opportunity to revise your approach to your most visible launch document—your press release.

When you optimize your press release for journalists, influencers and readers, you’re enabling them to help optimize your communications results in return. This guide offers seven tips—from building relevance to imagery—to make every press release as powerful as possible.

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