5 Ways to Inject Impact into Your Press Releases

Biotech and Healthcare News

5 Tips to Increase Impact of Healthcare News

How can you use industry performance metrics to benefit your news releases?

What should you consider when preparing your news to have the desired impact? When spin and positioning in news can directly affect patient lives, it’s clear that healthcare and biotech press releases can benefit from a different approach than most other industries.

In a recent webinar, Onclusive CEO, Dan Beltramo, and Fleishman Hillard SVP Kena Hudson discussed data from 15,000 industry-specific releases, and share how to apply this knowledge to future communications tactics.

While there is never an absolute guarantee your news release will get picked up or generate earned media, this advice from our experts will help you get the timing right, include the most credible and compelling spokespeople, cultivate authentic media relationships and keep proper perspectives on both your competition and metrics.

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