Building a Great Relationship with Your PR Agency

Building a Great Relationship with Your PR Agency

Essential tips for building a great partnership with your PR agency

The world of PR has changed radically in the past few years—and with it the role of PR agencies. There was a time when fostering a great relationship with journalists was the key to getting your story into the hands of your audiences.

Today, PR has become more focused on digital tools that help companies reach audiences across multiple channels. Coordinating a company’s message can be complex, and finding the right agency with the right skill set and experience to help build your company’s brand can be daunting.

In Business Wire’s webinar, PR Experts Discuss PR, our panel members shared their top tips to help identify the right partner and build a great relationship for effective PR campaigns. The experts referenced in this whitepaper include:

  • Barbara Bates, CEO, Hotwire
  • Kate Krane, Executive Vice President, Edelman PNW
  • Mark Addison, Chairman & President, Rocket Science

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