In healthcare, streamlining processes allows you to maximize efficiencies and deliver better results.  Does the same hold true in communications? If you streamline your approach to reaching and educating audiences, will you deliver better results? This is the question Spok had for the launch of the latest evolution of its integrated healthcare communication platform, Spok Care Connect. 

Read the full case study to see how Spok used Business Wire Interactive Media to generate 60% more news release views, 36% more inbound traffic and and 99% more social shares of their launch news.


"If you need to showcase something that is not tangible, this is a good way to get the attention and engagement from your audiences. For public relations and marketing professionals, this is a terrific way to increase your results because it puts your product’s educational journey into an engaging format.

Jill Asby

Associate Director, Marketing, Spok

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