Having Multicultural Conversations That Matter

Improve the effectiveness of your organization's multicultural communications

Having Multicultural Conversations that Matter_COVER

Extend brand conversations to diverse audiences through a focus on multicultural communication strategies and outreach

Striking the right tone with multicultural audiences sets the foundation for brands to pursue more effective communications strategies and deliver more authentic voices in their brand conversations.

Organizations can accomplish this by hiring diverse and seating more informed voices at the table, to ensure that every bit of output maintains this authenticity.

Business Wire spoke with experts in multicultural PR who shared their insights on building and maintaining honest dialogues within your own organization to help improve communications and outreach strategies.

Our multicultural PR experts:

Bernadette Morris

President and CEO
Sonshine Communications

Christina Yumul

Co-founding Principal
The Change Agencies

LaTricia Harper Woods

Founder and President
Mahogany Xan Communications

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