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Tips for attributing economic results to your PR campaigns

Optimizing Your News

You know how to track the performance of your press releases, but how do you tie economic return
to PR campaigns?

You expect results when you share your news. And you're enhancing your releases by adding multimedia, writing compelling headlines, bolding copy and adding lists. These catch a reporter's eye and keep your readers engaged, but how do you track results like increased brand awareness, lead generation and - most important - revenue?

Since 2003, Greg Jarboe, President of SEO-PR, has run tests to show the value of press releases and to prove that economic results can be attributed to PR campaigns. Business Wire recently teamed up with Jarboe to host a webinar on this topic, plus search engine optimization and campaign measurement.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Research keywords and add these terms to your announcements
  • Create and utilize UTM links to track results
  • Use these tools to associate incoming revenue to your
    press releases

Plus, we share two real-world examples based on Jarboe's research that showcase keywords and tracking links in action.

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Greg Jarboe

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