How to Make Your News Releases 47% More Usable

Formatting tips to increase readership and message impact

How to Make Your News Releases 47% More Usable

With a majority of readers skimming the news, what is the best way to present your press release for optimal results?

In a world of nonstop news, delivered in multiple forms and on a variety of devices, it’s understandable that most people simply don’t read articles word for word.

This creates a challenge for public relations professionals.

Our whitepaper, complete with tips from award-winning writing coach Ann Wylie of Wylie Communications, shares guidance for formatting your news to improve readability and drive message comprehension of your main points.

Includes best practices for elements like lists, callouts and links, plus tests to measure the readability of your release.

Featured Expert:

Ann Wylie

Ann Wylie
Writing Coach & CEO
Wylie Communications

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