Direct Listing, Traditional IPO, SPAC

Communicating Throughout Your Journey to the Public Markets

Communicating Throughout Your Journey to the Public Markets

Communication is key when going public

When companies decide to go public, there are multiple paths to consider. Depending on investor interest, timing and other variables, companies may take the route of direct listings, traditional IPOs or SPACs. To ensure success, each option requires a robust communication plan covering activities before, during and after filing and announcing.

Learn more in this whitepaper about the rising popularity of the IPO market and best communications practices from an expert panel featuring:


Don Duffy: President of ICR, a communications and advisory firm actively working with IPOs, SPACs and other go-public transactions.


Matt Rubel: Chairman, Executive Board of MidOcean portfolio company, KidKraft and Presidential Appointee to the House Advisory Council on Trade Policy Negotiation.


Niccolo de Masi: CEO of dMY Technology, Niccolo has overseen 25 mergers and acquisitions and raised billions in equity to support public and private companies he’s led.

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