How to Craft Quotable Quotes in Press Releases

Write scintillating quotes to capture reader interest

How to Craft Quotable Quotes in Press Releases

Short, rare, personable and creative — how to write better press release quotes

Every PR professional knows how great quotes can turn a ho-hum news piece into a compelling story. They're a great way add context and frame the impact of the story a company wants to tell.

However, many reporters don't use quotes presented in press releases. And for good reason, as these quotes often contain more filler and less substance needed to enhance the story.

Business Wire invited writing coach and president of Wylie Communications, Ann Wylie, to share her tips to help PR professionals stop offloading bland quotes on journalists and write killer sound bites that get noticed. Download the guide today.

Featured expert:

Ann Wylie

Writing Coach & President 
Wylie Communications






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