Sharing Your Seasonal News During the Holidays

Learn how to get press release coverage during the holidays

The last quarter of each year coincides with the holiday shopping season that sees the most consumer spending compared to the rest of the year. Seeking media coverage and distributing your news releases during Q4 can play a critical role in your end-of-year revenue success

There are several holidays and key shopping days in October, November, and December, around the world, that motivate consumers.


Whether unveiling limited-time promotions, promoting shopping guides, highlighting the year’s accomplishments, or sharing predictions for the new year, a well-crafted press release serves as a powerful tool to engage audiences and generate buzz for your organization.

Learn tips for sharing your news during the busy last quarter of the year.

Seasonal News: Trending Holiday Press Release Themes

Over the years, we’ve noticed a few themes. While you don’t need to have your press release tied to any of these topics in order to share your news at the end of the year – and you certainly shouldn’t force a holiday-related theme – keep in mind these popular trends and consider how one of these might work for your organization.

  • Purdys ChocolatierCelebrate corporate citizenship or holiday giving: Consumers like to support companies that make a positive impact. Whether improving company culture through DEI initiatives or work-life balance measures, implementing ESG initiatives, donating to a charity or hosting a toy or food drive, these demonstrate a positive corporate profile and bolster a positive relationship with consumers.
  • Promote holiday sales and events: Share news about a new gift item, limited-time promotions, or end-of-year sales. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are all popular shopping days, and people want to know about discounts and special offerings. Consider other events you want to let your community know about – tree lighting ceremonies, festive markets, or a holiday concert. Issue a press release sharing the details. 
  • Distribute gift guides: Help those seeking the perfect presents by creating a gift guide. These curated lists, often categorized by recipient or theme, offer creative ideas and suggestions to help shoppers navigate the often overwhelming world of gift-giving. Whether it's a tech-savvy friend, a culinary enthusiast, or a fashion-forward family member, these guides streamline the shopping process and inspire thoughtful, meaningful choices.
  • Share a year-end recap, resolutions, or predictions: Let your audiences know your organization’s successes and plans for the future. Consumers are especially interested in annual trends and industry predictions for the new year. This is the time to share your thoughts!

Other ideas? Share holiday recipes or seasonal drinks and foods. Write a release with details about holiday travel tips, destination ideas, or promotions.

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Business Wire’s experts will help you determine the optimal distribution lists to target your news. Sharing an update on your organization’s corporate giving? Our CSR Circuit may be of interest. Creating a gift guide specific to college students? Our College and Universities circuit should be part of your distribution package.

Whether by industry, geography, or special interest, we’ll make sure your seasonal news is distributed to those who will be most interested in your press release. PS: when distributing in the United States, add trade media distribution at no extra cost!

Create Holiday Headlines with Shopping Events

The last three months of the year, the holiday season, is the busiest shopping period, with consumers eagerly seeking gifts, discounts, and deals. It’s also a critical time to activate your marketing and PR strategies, alerting the masses to your shopping news.

  • Pre-Black Friday Sales: Black Friday sales can happen a month before true Black Friday. Some people prefer to do their holiday shopping early. Target early bird shoppers with pre-Black Friday promotions.
  • Black Friday Sales: In the U.S., the day after Thanksgiving remains a popular (all hours!) shopping day, both in-person and online. Door-buster sales get people to show up and move large amounts of inventory.
  • Small Business Saturday Sales: The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday encourages shoppers to support local and independent businesses in their communities. Distribute a press release with your small business news to your local area to drum up business. 
  • Cyber Monday Sales: Ecommerce-only deals dominate on Cyber Monday. Sharing details about your store, products on sale, and any special Cyber Monday deals in a news release can help drive traffic to your site. 
  • Last-Minute Sales: For the procrastinators, last-minute sales take place in the final days leading up to Christmas. Take advantage of panic-shoppers by announcing a promotion just for them, helping them check names off their gift list, and helping you round out your holiday revenue.

Turn Your Press Release into Holiday Breaking News

Once you’ve determined the topic of your announcement, it’s time to prepare your press release. Don’t forget the basics during the holiday hustle and bustle. It’s worth it to spend some time wordsmithing your headline, considering the format of your release, adding a thoughtful quote, and selecting eye-catching multimedia.

Headline: Brevity is key. Your press release headline should convey the key message of your seasonal news and grab the reader’s attention while remaining concise and to the point.

BubbiesLead: The opening paragraph of your news release serves as a short summary of your announcement. Use easy-to-understand language, avoid technical terminology, and showcase the benefit, impact, or implications of your news for your audiences.

Multimedia: A festive photo, video, animated GIF, or infographic can help catch the eye of reporters and audiences, plus it helps show your news instead of telling it.

Formatting: Strategically placing bulleted lists, bold text, and embedded links throughout the body of your press release helps draw readers’ eyes and maintain their attention.

Quotes: When adding a quote to your press release, one sentence is usually enough and three sentences is too long; find a happy medium. Don’t over-quote your release – less is more. Humanize your quotes by using impactful language and embracing emotion. You can also use quotes to get creative – add some holiday flair through a quote!

Remember: focus on your audience and how your news benefits them. Don’t force a holiday theme if there isn’t one or if it doesn’t fit the tone of your announcement.

Incorporate multimedia into your press release with Business Wire’s Smart News Release or create an engaging storytelling experience with Interactive Media.

Generate Revenue with Your Holiday News

Distributing a press release helps generate awareness and interest for your news. To help track revenue related to any press release you share, we recommend adding relevant keywords to your announcement, creating UTM tracking links, and developing a unique landing page.

  • Autel EnergyAdd SEO keywords or terms to your press release to enhance the search visibility of your holiday news and engage a broader audience. Strategically incorporating relevant keywords increases the chance of your news appearing in search engines and makes your news more discoverable by those searching for topics like yours. The more people who see your release, the more potential engagement.
  • Create a unique landing page on your website specifically linked to the issued press release. This allows you to monitor website traffic and conversions, letting you track the correlation between your news and your results.
  • Use UTM parameters on any links you include in your press release (like the link you include that takes readers to your unique landing page). With UTM parameters, you’ll know the source of the traffic to your site and can monitor the actions taken by visitors from the release. This will also help you attribute website conversions and sales to your seasonal news release.

For retailers promoting Black Friday news, Small Business Saturday news, Cyber Monday news, or other holidays sales and gift ideas, offer exclusive coupon codes or promotions in your press release. Track the usage of these codes to measure the revenue generated.

Remember to share your news on your social media channels! Social media is a go-to resource for consumers to research your brand. Share your holiday news release and any press coverage to expand your reach and increase your brand awareness.

Share Your Seasonal Press Releases

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