The State of Black Media in 2022

An Overview for Public Relations Professionals  

The State of Black Media in 2022

The Role of Black Media in Today’s News Ecosystem 

Black media outlets are more prevalent, active, and followed than ever before, publishing up to 6x more frequently on topics impacting the Black community versus their mainstream counterparts. Our whitepaper, The State of Black Media in 2022: An Overview for Public Relations Professionals, examines Black media in 2022 and the role it plays in the news ecosystem.  

Hosted by Bernadette Morris, CEO and Founder of Black PR Wire/Sonshine Communications, Business Wire and Black PR Wire brought together a panel to discuss:

  • Why is Black media important?
  • How has Black media publishing and news consumption changed in the last five years?
  • How has COVID-19 changed media, particularly for Black publishers and consumers?
  • What is Black media’s influence on mainstream media?
  • How do communicators build relationships with Black media?

Learn more about the history and evolution of Black media in this whitepaper featuring:



Bernadette Morris, Black PR Wire/Sonshine Communications, CEO and Founder



Cheryl Thompson-Morton, Black Media Initiative Director, Center for Community Media/CCM Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY



Dexter Bridgeman, CEO and Founder, M•I•A Media Group



Chloe Jones, Executive Producer, Black News Channel

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