The Latinx Media Landscape in 2023

In honor of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month, Business Wire and Impremedia was pleased to bring together a group of media experts and professionals from around the nation to answer questions and share insights on:

  • The history of Latinx media in the United States
  • The current state of Latinx media
  • Predictions for the future
  • Tips for connecting with Latinx media and other best practices
  • Details about Latinx media and news consumers in 2023

Webinar originally recorded September 28, 2023.

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Our Panelists

Jessica Retis, Moderator

Professor, Director, Fellow, University of Arizona

Carmen Villavicencio

Executive Editor, El Diario

Armando Varela

Executive Editor, La Opinión

Jillian Báez

Associate Professor, Hunter College, City College of New York

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