PR 102: Leveling Up Your PR Game

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A successful career in public relations requires a deft approach and a wide skill set. Public relations is a blend of talent and opportunity within a fast-moving world in which your company’s reputation is on the line. So much goes into every effort that today’s PR practitioners must have confidence in navigating both the expected and unexpected that come with the profession.

In this webinar, we look at the steps newer PR professionals must take to prepare for the next stage of their career. We discuss everything from setting growth goals, to transitioning from team support to team lead, to managing up and networking.

Webinar originally recorded January 28, 2021.

Our panelists:

Stefan Pollack Martin Waxman Ryan Whittle

Stefan Pollack
President & CEO, The Pollack Group

Martin Waxman
President, Martin Waxman Communications

Ryan Whittle
Communications Manager, Kalypso

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