Visual Storytelling: Using Images to Tell Your Brand Story (Europe)

We live in a visual world, but not all visuals are equal

Now is the time for PR and communication teams to take ownership of the visual story. Business Wire first held a webinar in the U.S. on this topic.

We revisited this topic with a European perspective. Join our discussion about using visuals to tell an engaging story that speaks to reporters and consumers alike.

This webinar covers:

  • The role of visuals in corporate storytelling
  • Why PR should own the visual storytelling process
  • Understanding the authentic visual story that reporters need and consumers want

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Our panelists:

Alona Stein

Vice President, ReBlonde

With nearly 10 years of experience in tech, communication and public relations, Alona is leading the seasoned team at boutique PR firm ReBlonde, headquartered at the heart of startup nation.  

Alona's vast experience and knowledge drives ReBlonde's innovative and smart communication approach, and she has won a number of awards for successful tech PR campaigns in the areas of mobile, healthtech and consumer products.   

Through message development, sharp storytelling and compelling content ReBlonde publicizes brands, builds thought leaders and propels clients toward their business goals. 

Alona holds B.Sc in Biology and Psychology and will soon graduate Tel Aviv University's MBA Program. 

Misha Talheth-Fell

Senior Account Director, Porter Novelli

Misha was recently listed on the 2020 PR Week 30 under 30 list and, throughout his 7 years at Porter Novelli, has consulted for a number of leading healthcare organisations and pharmaceutical companies in the field of communications. His experience in this sector includes campaigns for disease awareness, crisis management, product launches and media relations.

Embracing the value of striking imagery and visual storytelling in much of his work, Misha led a series of disease awareness campaigns for Merck between 2015-2018 that were shortlisted for six industry awards.

Gareth Spence

Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Public Relations, ADVA

Gareth is a communications professional who helps companies create compelling and dynamic content that effectively builds brands and grows new revenue opportunities. Using a broad range of media across strategic platforms, Gareth crafts creative marketing strategies that actively engage customers and strengthen brand loyalty.

Gareth has worked extensively in digital marketing, public relations and broadcast media for a number of global organizations. In his current role, Gareth’s helping ADVA, a leading provider of networking solutions, to promote their technology and the key role they’re playing in helping to build tomorrow’s connectivity infrastructure.  

Scott Jamieson, Moderator

Head of Customer Success, Business Wire

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