Visual Storytelling: Using Images to Tell Your Brand Story

We live in a visual world, but not all visuals are equal

Now is the time for PR and communication teams to take ownership of the visual story. Learn from agency and corporate PR executives how to tell an engaging visual story that speaks to reporters and consumers alike.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The role of visuals in corporate storytelling
  • Why PR should own the visual storytelling process
  • Understanding the authentic visual story that reporters need and consumers want
  • How to create multimedia in 2020

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Our panelists:

Samara Finn Holland

Senior Vice President of Influencer Marketing, Kaplow Communications

Samara Finn Holland, Senior Vice President of Influencer Marketing at Kaplow Communications, is an integrated communications professional with over a decade of experience working with influencers. Samara develops integrated engagement strategies for clients looking to drive action and behavior change through compelling content and digital storytelling. Her expertise spans across all consumer categories including beauty, lifestyle, food, health and wellness. 

Starla Sheen

SVP Creative and Content Production, Edelman

Starla has nearly 20 years’ experience developing, managing and producing creative projects. At Edelman she leads the Seattle and Portland area Creative and Content Production Teams, which work across integrated accounts in technology, retail, consumer branding and social good. She first cut her production teeth in the early days of reality television and then moved into commercial production and eventually grew to run full agency creative teams. She has built and established integrated creative production practices from large firms such as Wunderman Thompson to small boutiques agencies working with brands like Volkswagen, Samsung, Levi’s, Microsoft, Savers, AT&T, PEMCO and others. A devoted mom, Starla is raising a blossoming artist, her daughter Sav, and the next generation’s great computer prodigy, her son Zander.

Jane Maynard

Digital Marketing Manager, Velodyne Lidar, Inc.

Jane Maynard is Digital Marketing Manager for Velodyne Lidar, Inc., where she manages Velodyne’s online presence and links public relations with the company’s digital marketing efforts. Jane’s responsibilities include managing website content and SEO strategy, social media strategy and implementation, internal and external communications efforts and brand management.

Prior to Velodyne, Jane worked as a freelance graphic designer, writer, and photographer for over 15 years, with clients ranging from small businesses to some of the largest brands in the world. In addition, Jane launched the popular food blog This Week for Dinner in 2007, which she still runs today. As part of her blogging career, Jane has co-founded a business that linked brands with influencers at annual events, worked as an editor for several online publications, was a food writer for many popular websites, including Disney’s Babble and Cosmopolitan.com, produced a podcast and developed recipes professionally. She began her career at Cricket Communications, working in the corporate communications department. Visual and written communications have always been central to Jane’s work.

Jane lives in the San Diego area with her family, where she is grateful each day for the abundance of sunshine and awesome coffee roasters.


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