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Good corporate citizenship is good business. Business Wire's CSR Circuit helps your company highlight its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

Manage Your Brand and Reputation

Effective communication of CSR efforts is critical to your company's reputation management and brand value. The positive role a company plays as a corporate citizen — locally and globally — is important to its stakeholders and impacts consumer behavior, investor behavior and the company's perceived value in the marketplace.

Business Wire's CSR Circuit is ideal for news concerning business ethics, the environment, community development, philanthropy, corporate governance, human rights and diversity. Our CSR Circuit reaches interested journalists, financial analysts, activists, investors and academics worldwide.

Reach the Right Audiences

The CSR Circuit distribution includes the following:

  • Leading CSR magazines and news outlets
  • Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds, relevant organization websites and publications
  • Specialty trade publications covering environmental, educational, finance, consumer, health and philanthropic topics
  • Top national and international CSR-focused universities
  • Leading CSR news websites
  • Specialty long-lead national consumer magazines
  • Targeted national radio and TV programs

Track your press releases reach with our NewsTrak measurement reports. Our Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable (GMSM) is an add on service included with most domestic Business Wire geographic circuits. Contact us for more information.

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