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Tracking the Impact of Your News

You put a lot of time and thought into your press releases – honing the right message for the right audience to be sent at just the right moment. Shouldn’t you know if all of that work is paying off? With NewsTrak Reports, you can go beyond the standard mentions report into a data-rich accounting of how your audience engaged with your story.

NewsTrak includes both earned and social media data, along with syndicated news coverage. Embedded directly in the NewsTrak Report, key results of your news release are prominently displayed. The layout has been designed to highlight the most important metrics such as volume, sentiment, and location.


  • Audience Views: Track press release activity, whether it’s within 2 hours, 2 months or 2 years. You also get visibility into release traffic sources, views by subscribers, views by media outlets that allow tracking and views by location.
  • Online & Mobile Postings: See a list of websites hosting your press release and the site’s unique visitors per month (UVPM), which you can sort alphabetically or by UVPM.
  • Earned & Social Media Monitoring: Within 24 hours, get a quantitative and qualitative analysis of your news across earned, syndicated and social channels so you can measure its initial impact and staying power.
  • Multimedia: Gain insights into total multimedia views and views per asset.
  • User Engagement: View the total number of press release link clicks and clicks per link. Release Shares details how often viewers used the Business Wire social
    sharing buttons per platform.
  • Report History: Track the history of your press releases. Users can compare different
    press release reports to gain visibility into performance.
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