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When you have announcements to share related to your small business or start-up, Business Wire can help reach everyone that your news impacts.

We strive to make your life simpler and your efforts more successful. Whether sharing news related to a new service, product or partnership, or you’ve landed funding and it’s time to ramp up your communications, our distribution and circuit options have you covered. We’ll work together to attract customers or investors, grow your brand by driving traffic to your site and increase your social engagement.

With reach in 162 countries and over 200 industry and trade categories, Business Wire delivers your news to reporters, experts, consumers, business journalists and financial audiences.

In addition to regional and geographic targeting, Business Wire also allows you to choose from a variety of applicable categories, including small business trade media, at no additional cost.

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Our geographic, industry and demographic distribution lists allow you to target the audience and subject-specific platforms important to your strategy.

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Multimedia Distribution

The fastest way to explain a complicated story is with multimedia. Learn about Business Wire's Interactive Media and Smart News Release.

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