Press Release Analytics

The press release performance metrics you need in a user-friendly format

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Press Releases

Preparing your press releases takes time, thought, and effort. Not only do press releases share your latest news, but they also generate brand awareness and help grow your audience. It’s important to evaluate and understand the results of your effort and impact to your brand.

NewsTrak’s intuitive interface delivers key performance metrics at a glance, with more details a click away. User-friendly and customizable, key metrics can be viewed in both visual and table formats, providing options for how to review your results.

You also have the ability to:

  • Organize NewsTrak KPIs to suit your preferences
  • Download performance data for further press release analysis
  • Compare metrics across multiple press releases to identify trends and patterns
  • Customize the timeframe for the data you’d like to review

Gain valuable insights about your news and make informed decisions for your PR communications with NewsTrak.

Downloadable PDF titled "Understand the Results of Your News"

Download: Business Wire NewsTrak Reports

NewsTrak Report Features:

Modern Visual Insights
Modern Visual Insights

Access a customizable, modern interface with the insights you need to measure the impact of your news.

Audience views
Audience Views

Track viewership activity for the first 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or for the lifetime of your press release. Plus, view release traffic by source, location, and language.

User Engagement
User Engagement

View a complete count of actions your readers took as they interacted with your news, including link clicks and social shares.

Syndication & Reach
Syndication and Reach

See a list of websites hosting your press release and each site’s unique visitors per month (UVPM), which can be sorted alphabetically or by UVPM.

Multimedia Measurement
Multimedia Measurement

Multimedia helps boost your release's performance. Gain quick insight into total views of your photos, videos, and other visual content for every press release you issue. 

Report History

Track the history of your press releases and compare different press release reports to gain insights on long-term performance.

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