Target your news to venture capital audiences.

The Go-To Platform for Venture Capital News

Business Wire clients looking to engage venture capital funds and influencers have a powerful channel to add to their press release distribution: VentureBeat. The highly-targeted audience for VentureBeat includes potential investors, business decision makers, tech industry leaders and consumer enthusiasts with a keen interest in the latest innovative products and services.

Add your press releases to the venture capital news mix, with stories aimed at VC-backed innovation, deal flow and liquidity. VentureBeat appeals to an influential audience and provides the ideal platform for enterprising companies looking to engage the venture capital community.

When you order VentureBeat, your press release will be posted to the front page of, appearing alongside other top news that draws more than 18 million monthly page views. The VentureBeat audience is comprised of targeted venture capital and private equity audiences, including director-level fund executives with the power to make investment decisions. VentureBeat also engages audiences via its popular social network channels and email newsletters.

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