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Strategic Partnerships to Support Your Goals


Custom Multimedia Content

Journalists want multimedia, and visual content reenforces the key messages of your news. Business Wire works with AP Content Services to develop high-quality photos and videos for use in your press releases. The AP Content Services team also offers native advertising support for your announcements.


Build Relationships with Journalists

Business Wire’s Journalist Feedback Survey found that 84% of journalists recommend building relationships by researching the reporter, what they cover, and their publication. By using Muck Rack’s tools and insights, public relations professionals can get to know journalists and their preferences, secure media coverage, and manage media relations campaigns.


Target Venture Capital Audiences

Share your news with highly engaged potential investors, business leaders, and tech innovators by distributing your press release to VentureBeat. VentureBeat’s influential following includes decision-makers within the venture capital and private equity communities.


Investor Relations Websites and Newsrooms

Our partner, Q4, provides comprehensive investor relations tools including websites, newsrooms, and webcasting services. Clients benefit from automatic posting of Business Wire-distributed press releases to their Q4 websites.


The NYSE’s Newswire of Choice

For companies that list with the New York Stock Exchange, Business Wire offers exclusive multiyear packages so you can drive brand awareness and share your news before, during, and after your IPO.


Streamlined Disclosure Workflow

Workiva users can submit press releases to Business Wire from within Workiva’s platform, allowing companies to disseminate news to capital markets and news media outlets quickly and securely, all from one controlled environment.

News Release Examples

Companies need their news to generate value. Business Wire’s extensive experience, industry knowledge, and superior media targeting allow clients to share their press releases strategically, securely, and effectively. Media professionals rely on Business Wire as a trusted source, resulting in valuable engagement and ROI for clients.

Multimedia Release Examples

Enhance your news releases with multimedia assets like photos and videos to capture attention, clarify complex concepts, and evoke emotion. Journalists and consumers prefer visually engaging content, making it more shareable and impactful.

Earnings Release Examples

Earnings releases provide key financial information, reinforcing transparency and compliance. They foster trust and accountability between companies and stakeholders, manage expectations, and enhance credibility in the financial markets.

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