Timeline to Promote Your Event Participation

Timing is everything

Planning your organization’s participation at an upcoming trade show or event?

We’ve created a marketing and publicity timeline to help you have a successful show and maximize media attention leading up to and surrounding the event.

Before the show:

  • 12-9 months: Pick your shows and define your goals
  • 9-6 months: Plan your marketing programming
  • 3 months: Start scheduling meetings
  • 2 months: Issue a media advisory announcing your participation
  • 6 weeks: Pull together your supporting content
  • 4 weeks: Send out preview press releases
  • 3 weeks: Start pitching reporters for times to meet
  • 1-2 weeks: Issue pre-show news

During the show:

  • Issue your big show news
  • Launch marketing and social support
  • Meet with reporters

After the show:

  • Distribute a summary press release with show accomplishments
  • Celebrate a successful show!
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Download: Your Guide to Trade Show Publicity

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